Automative Paint BASF Dupont

The Midwest’s Automotive Paint Experts

We are a multi-line paint distributor selling the full lines of paint products from both Dupont and BASF. If you are looking for any type of paint we stock, sell and mix over 14 different lines of paint. Everything from Industrial, Automotive to Custom glamor colors we have on hand to meet all your needs. In addition to selling Paint we have 3 full time dedicated Paint Technicians on staff to answer all your questions and assist you with anything else you may need.

In House Automotive Paint Mixing

Many paint suppliers are getting out of the paint mixing business and simply selling the paint products. At Fargo Bumper, we have the upper hand when it comes to paint mixing. We have a unique paint mixing room and machinery that mixes over 14 lines of paint to your specific request. We take pride in the fact that we can tailor to our customers automotive paint needs and have the expertise and experience to back our automotive paint products.

Fargo Bumper’s In-House Training Center

Fargo Bumper is one of the few Paint Suppliers in the country to own a complete and fully functional Auto Body Training Center on site! With a Unicure 100% American made Down Draft Spray Booth, 2 -10 hp Mattaie Rotary Vane Air Compressors , RTI Air Dryer, Prevost Air Lines, SATA Fresh Air Hoods, SATA, IWATA and Devilbliss Spray Guns, and to many more items to list, we built this training center to train our staff and all our Customers.