Auto Body Spray Booths

Fargo Bumper ND Paint Booth SalesUnicure Spraybooths:
For over 25 years Fargo Bumper has been selling one brand of Spraybooths: Unicure Spraybooths. Unicure booths are 100% American made and are a great booth for the money. Should you need service on any of these booths almost all of the parts are available locally through one of many Grainger Outlets. Feel free to browse the Unicure Website detailing the various booth models. We have a fully functional demonstration Unicure spraybooth located at our Fargo location so if you would like a demonstration or would like to talk details please contact us or give us a call.

Industrial Air Compressors

Atlas Copco Air Compressors:
Atlas Copco is an industrial group with world-leading positions in compressors, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. The Group delivers sustainable solutions for increased customer productivity, through innovative products and services.

Mattei Rotary Vane Air Compressors:
Mattei offers Air & Gas Compressor systems for commercial, industrial, OEM and transit applications.
Mattei Vane Technology is Simply Different than ordinary rotary compressors. We invite you to Get Your Last Air Compressor First.

Shop Curtains and Portable Walls

Goff Curtain Walls:
If your shop or building is in need of any portable or temporary Curtain Walls, Doors, Welding Curtains, Sound or Climate Curtains, or Strip Doors, give the Goff Curtain wall system some serious consideration. If it is a wash bay or spray area you need to contain, Goff has many solutions to fit your needs. We will be happy to quote any project you may have in mind.

Parts Management Carts, Repair/Paint Stands and Masking Machines

Innovative Tools:
If you are shopping for Bumper or Panel Storage Carts, Parts Management Carts, Material handling carts, Repair and Paint Stands, Masking Machines, or Parts Cart accessories, Innovative Tools has many solutions for your needs. Fargo Bumper can help you select all of the time and space saving equipment that will help you do your job better and more efficiently.

Sandblasting Equipment

Brut Manufacturing:
Brut Manufacturing Company produces automotive repair, restoration, and sandblasting equipment. Brut supplies high quality sandblasting and media blasting equipment as well as racks benches and stands.